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At Barton G. we believe in no boundaries and creating a fun & truly entertaining dining experience.

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Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, professional sports leagues, corporate, and celebrity clients.

Helping the World Listen

As a company, Barton G. makes a concentrated and compassionate effort when it comes to being involved in the local community. Inspired by events close to his own heart, Barton cofounded the Barton G. Weiss Kids Hear Now Foundation with Jill Viner when he learned his daughter was born deaf and would require cochlear implants.

Partnering with the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, the Cochlear Implant Program has, for the past 20 years, helped restore hearing to more than 1,000 deaf children and adults. Since its 2009 inception, the Barton G. Weiss Kids Hear Now Foundation has placed an emphasis on the viability of cochlear implants and auditory verbal therapy as an option for deaf children to become part of the hearing world. The Barton G. Kids Hear Now Cochlear Implant Family Resource Center, which opened in 2010 and is housed at the UHealth Ear Institute, takes into account the social and emotional aspects deaf children and their families deal with on a daily basis. The center currently provides newly diagnosed children and their families, regardless of their financial status, with counseling, guidance, support, and resources about hearing loss, speech and language development, and more specifically, information and education about cochlear implant and technology. In addition to audiological evaluations and routine monitoring, the center also provides family support activities such as social gatherings for children, music groups, and arts and crafts.

As a major benefactor to the foundation, the Barton G. team is dedicated to “Giving the Gift of Sound” to children and works tirelessly to develop the foundation into a national resource base for the hearing-challenged and their families. To make a donation please visit kidshearnow.org today.

Barton G. Kids Hear Now Foundation
Barton G. Kids Hear Now Foundation
Barton G. Kids Hear Now Foundation